I am randomly inspired. By many different things. The title might not even make sense. Oh well. Here goes!

"A chew toy!?" "It's NOT a chew toy!!" ~ I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 01:53, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

Part 1Edit

"So, did you ever picture this is how your life would have turned out?" Evelyn asked her best friend, Stefanie. "No. But I am happy you can't go back and change things. It never would have been this perfect otherwise." Stefanie said. 

Stefanie gazed at her husband, Agent X of the FBI. He gave her a smile, a rare thing she saw from him when they were younger. Stefanie walked her best friend down the aisle. Evelyn's fiancee, Clayton, smiled at his soon to be wife. Evelyn walked up and stared into his deep blue ocean eyes. They were soon married, and the two best friends had the men they wanted for years!

"It all started back in school. Ha! how many years ago was that?" Evelyn said to Stefanie. "Sometimes it feels like forever ago. Other times it seems just like yesterday. All the walks in the halls, wow. It went by. But now we're both happy." Stefanie smiled.

Part 2Edit

It all started in 2013. Evelyn had fallen in love that year, and so had Stefanie. They were both in different grades in different schools, but they were best friends even then. They could and would talk to each other about anything. They had both cheered each other on every single day, to talk to the guys who they are both married to now. They didn't know as teens they would have them as they reached adulthood.

Stefanie, that year, had a loss. She had fallen deeply in love with a man who left her in the end. She thought she would never love again, and that he was the only one for her. But, unlike what she had ever imagined, she had fallen for her friend. It was Agent X, or, his first name, Xavier. [I smiled just typing that name] She thought after "the other one," she'd never feel that way about someone again. Her casual friend, had later become, "the special one."

Evelyn, on the other hand, had liked quite a few guys at school. But none of them were llike Clayton. To her, he was the most magestic guy around. She never knew what to say to him. She'd see him at lunch, gym, hallways...sometimes at other places. Until one day, it happened. They were paired together one day, as partners in class. He started to talk to her, and he loved her personality and sense of humor. To her surprise, they became inseparable for years.

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