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Love her new hair! :D

I first saw Selena on Hannah Montana, and I actually disliked her...I did not like how she was mean to Hannah. Later I saw her on her own TV Show, Wizards Of Waverly Place, and my opinion quickly changed! It is not like she is really that mean in real life. :)

I loved her style and fashion...and I also thought she was very funny and her character Alex is like me in many ways! I then heard her 1st song from Disney Channel, "Cruella De Vil" and boy did I love that song! I bought the 101 Dalmatiosn Special Edition DVD just so I could have the music video! I still like that song it is very catchy.

I continued to watch WOWP, and it became my fave show. I loved her style and bought Converse shoes like she had, a lot of things because she wore them. I was so happy to hear she was making her own clothing line!

Then came my special connection to her music. All 3 of her albums I bought the day they came out. Her 1st album "Kiss & Tell" helped me through my Freshman year of high school. Her second album "A Year Withour Rain" will forever express how my Sophomore year was. I felt so happy there with my friends and teachers and that is how the music sounds. Her 3rd album "When The Sun Goes Down" was the soundtrack of my summer 2011 and helped me through my Junior year of high school, which just ended a few days ago for me. Selena says she's talking a break from her music now...I think. I just do love her music idk it helps me!

4-6-13 OMG her new song "Come & Get It" was supposed to come out THIS Monday but it's out NOW! I am soo happy to have a new song hahaha :D


One Direction - Presents Best Pop Video Selena Gomez MTV VMAs 2013-0

One Direction - Presents Best Pop Video Selena Gomez MTV VMAs 2013-0