Okay...not only do I have an obsession for Bridges, but also skyscrapers! Not just the Demi Lovato song, but ACTUAL buildings! We have quite a few amazing ones right here in the Lehigh Valley! My fave one has to be the Martin Tower. *o* Why_wub_woo_by_mastertrifle-d4dbrgy.png I shall explain more, as always!

I think it's fun to point out skyscrapers in your area. How far away can you be, and you can STILL see them or spot them around! What's the history behind the building? I think it's fun! :D

"A chew toy!?" "It's NOT a chew toy!!" ~ I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 03:33, May 12, 2013 (UTC)

My fave skyscrapers etc.Edit

1.) My fave skyscraper, is the tallest one in the Lehigh Valley. It's called the Martin Tower, and it is in Bethlehem. I first mentioned it on the Pennsylvania page. It was a very busy place back when it was used for Bethlehem Steel. Sadly the whole building is now vacant, and has been since 2007. I am hoping soon, someone can buy it and fix it up! I'd love to see it in action again! I love to see it around me, as in pointing it out when I am near Kirkland Village, or anywhere in Bethlehem and I can even see it around depending on where I am in Allentown as well! Some of the pics I post of it will be the top as I can see it from far away.

2.) My 2nd fave is in my own city! It's the PPL building. This one is 8 feet shorter then the Martin Tower. I can see this a LOT too! I love pointing it out! Even today I said to my mom, "Look! Lehigh Valley Mall...PPL BUILDING!" LOL I love to find it around. When it was opened, it had the fastest elevators in the world. ♥_♥ Oh how I love trivia. :P 

3.) If the Twin Towers in New York City were still around, they'd be in my faves. But...NO some stupid $#@! HAD to dive right into them. >:|=( WTF WHOA I made a new face by tyopey accident haha :P


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