Okay this page probably will not mean a lot to you people on here, but I will also add these to Facebook maybe! This was a big thing today!

How interesting....the day my mom was scheduled to get an X-Ray at the hospital I was born in...they were celebrating 140 years today! It was even on 69 News! I was there and took some pictures! I..well my MOM was really bringing up how I was born there, and this other employee was too and she said, "Oh me too! You get a sense of belonging here, no?" I said, "Yes I do! Belonging...that is a great word to use." And LOL she asked what part of Bethlehem is my favorite...I was thinking, "Umm do I say where Martin Tower is, Main Street, the Steel? OH IDK!" She just said all of Bethlehem was nice, but it's cool that I was born there but live in Allentown! I was charming everyone and they all agreed that I took some nice pictures! I was going to add this to Pictures In Bethlehem, but I gave this it's own page! Pics of the celebration AND Bethlehem itself is included! Yay to me for showing all of you this stuff you are clueless about XD

#iamasuperstar (talk) 05:26, October 18, 2013 (UTC)


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