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Part 1

One sunny day, four friends were hanging out at the beach. The 2 girls were best friends, and thier names were Stefanie and Evelyn. They were watching thier boyfriends, Ian and Kenny, surfing in the water. The guys hair waved through the wind. "I am so glad we are having the perfect day!" Evelyn said with a smile. "Me too! The weather is perfect!" Stefanie said. Out of no where, a HUGE wave of wind came, and a rainbow appeared in the sky. The wind was so strong, Kenny and Ian fell off of thier surfboards and into the water. Haha! It turns out the wind and rainbow was from Rainbow Dash, and her boyfriend Chase! They decided to join in on the fun at the beach.

"Hey everyone!" Dashie said. "What's up!" Chase smiled. Just then, Kenny and Ian emerged from the water, boards in hand, covered in water. "What's UP is we were surfing perfectly fine until YOU guys came in!!" Ian said. "Sorry." Dashie nervously smiled. "We were just really excited to hang out with your guys today!" Chase said. "It's OK, we understand." Kenny said, running his hand through his blonde wet hair. Ian smiled in agreement.

The six of them decided to go and get ice cream. They only got 3 cones, because the 3 couples shared the ice cream with thier partner. :) As soon as they all turned around, Dr. Matthewstein and Wolf were standing right behind them. Both were wearing white lab coats. "The six of you have been chosen for a very important mission." Wolf said. "Nice lab coat, Matt!" Stefanie smiled. "Why thank you." Matthew said. "Mission! I did NOT ask to be a part of a misson!!" Chase started flipping out. "It's OK honey, I will be there with ya!" Dashie smiled. That made him feel a little bit better. "I am scared!" Stefanie said. "Don't be scared, you will be fine." Ian said as he hugged Stefanie. "This isn't going to be dangerous, is it?" Evelyn asked. "Well, that all depends on how things go, we are not sure yet." Wolf said, trying to stay as serious as she could. Kenny kissed Evelyn's cheek, and the whole group went into Wolf and Dr. Matthewstien's Agency Jet, wondering what exactly they were chosen for.

Part 2

They all rode the jet, excited but yet...scared. Omgomg_by_nillemotes.gif Once it landed, they all exited it and saw a big, white building. Wolf and Matthew led them to a big room. "You are all going to be be secret spies." Wolf said. "AWESOME!" Evelyn said, a bit too early. "Sorry, exaggerating again..." Evelyn smiled. Kenny just laughed. "Wait...I am a little confused...what exactly will we be trained FOR?" Stefanie asked. "For anything." Matthew said. "ANYTHING!? That does not narrow it down much." Chase said. "I guess we will just have to wait to see what life brings us." Dashie said. "I don't like the sound of that." Ian said. Just then, Matthew's Spy Watch started beeping. "Ah! Here she is! The one who will train you!" he smiled. Out came a girl with green eyes and brown hair. "Hello! I am Agent YMS, but you can call me Mihane!" she smiled.

"I am going to split up all the guys, and the girls. Girls on one team, and guys on the other." she said. "Aww! I wanna be with Evelyn!" Emoticon_frustrated.png Kenny said. "Sorry, girls and guys have to be separated, at least in the beginning." she said. "OK." he said. Evelyn, Stefanie and Dashie were on one side of the room, and Kenny, Ian and Chase were on the other.

Part 3

"OK everyone...first we will train all of you...with weapons. Then a few other skills. And finally, we will have everyone in a simulation, meaning you will seem in danger, but really won't be." Mihane explained. "Sounds exciting!" Stefanie said. "I certainly hope you will think so." Mihane smiled. The men and girls were all handed a gun...the girls had a slightly smaller one, for their dainty hands. They were told to fire, and out came a laser. It could shoot through anything, even steel. Then they were trained ninja moves. How to fight someone...or something. Finally was the simulation.

All 3 girls walked into a room, as well as the men. The simulation has started. The girls wandered around, in what appeared that they were outside. "Help! Help!" they heard. "Up there! It's Dr. Matthewstein!" Evelyn gasped. He is hanging from a tree, right near a cliff. "Someone has to help him!" Stefanie said. "I will! I will fly up there and get him!" Dashie said. She tried to fly...but found that for some reason...her wings were useless in the simulation! "HELP!" Matthew gulped. Stefanie decided to climb up to save him. Evelyn followed. As soon as they got to the branch he was hanging from, he disappeared. "He was a Hologram! He was never really here!" Stefanie said. All of a sudden, the weight from both girls, made the tree fall, and part of the cliff broke. "Ahh!" both girls screamed, and all 3 girls were hanging from the cliff.

Part 4

"HELP!" they all yelped. They were all losing thier grip, especially Dashie. She has hooves. "We're coming!" a male voice called. It was Kenny, Ian and Chase! Kenny saved Evelyn and Ian saved Stefanie. Dashie was slipping faster and faster. Finally Chase got to her, but it was too late...her hooves had slipped off. He caught them, in his hands in mid air! He could not pull her up by himself. Ian and Kenny helped him, and finally everyone was safe. The girls and guys kissed their partner, but for some reason, Chase kissed Dashie harder. "I could not stand to almost see you die. i never want to lose you again. Will you Marry me?" Chase asked Dashie.

"Chase, I...I don't know what to say." she said. He looked in her eyes. "Yes. Yes...yes...YES!!!" She smiled. Chase was so happy, he knew he never wanted to lose her again. Ian and Kenny looked at their girls. Everyone got up and the simulation ended. Wolf, Matthew and Mihane all smiled. Matt clapped. "You all did an excellent job!" Wolf said. "I am so touched all you went through to save me!" Dr. Matthewstein blushed, Emoticon_blush.png wiping a tear with his lab coat sleeve.

Everyone got some rest, and the 2nd day of training began. Everyone shown up on time, everyone except...Chase. "Hey, where's Chase?" Matt asked. "Dunno!" Stefanie pondered. "I saw him this morning." Dashie said. "I guess we will have to start without him." Wolf said. "No! That would not be right." Evelyn said. "Then where the hell is he!?" Ian said. Dashie flew off to where she last saw Chase. In his place was a note. "Oh no...I have to tell the others! This is...this is all my fault." Dashie frowned.

Part 5

"Where's Chase?" Stefanie said as she and the others looked at Dashie. She was standing in the doorway with her head down, looking to the ground. "He's...he's gone..." she said. "Gone!? What the hell do you mean by gone!" Kenny asked. "He was...kidnapped. And it's all my fault." she frowned. "Dash! It can't be your fault! Why would you even say that?" Ian asked. "Because...the note left in his place was from Pinkie Pie, and...yesterday I called her and told her me and Chase were engaged. She wants to see me again. She is jealous of all the time I have been spending around him. She said If we don't get to them by tonight...she will...she is going to..." she said, until she started crying. Wolf went over to comfort her.

"We have to do something..." Уумуднт ыфшвю Oops Russian!

"We have to do something...we have to find them!" Evelyn said. "Where would they be? I am not one to know about the ponies. Daleks on the other hand..." Matt said. "We don't have time to talk about this crap!!" Ian started flipping out. "I think I know where he is..." Dashie said. "Where!" everyone asked. "Ponyville. Equestria." she said. "How do we get there?" Stefanie asked. "Well, it's kinda hard to do...the only way would be for me to ask Twilight to...give us the magic to do so." Dashie said. "Well, do it! Do it now!" Ian said. "Honey, please...keep your temper down. I know it's hard for you to control your moods sometimes." Stefanie said. "I know, I am sorry I just hate when these kinds of things to get what they want." Ian said. Dashie had already left the room to call Twilight for help. She called and...there was no answer.

Part 6

"How can there be no answer! I NEED to get to Chase!" Dashie said to herself. She went out to the others. Stefanie, Evelyn, Kenny, Ian, Wolf and Matthew all stared at her. "There is only one thing I can do. Fly to Equestria. Alone." Dashie said. Everyone gasped. 

"No! Rainbow Dash can't go ALONE!" Stefanie said, worried. "Guys guys...CALM DOWN! I know a way we can follow her." Matthew smiled. "YOU DO!?!?! WELL WHAT IS IT?!!?!??" Kenny said. "I have a Dashie Tracker 5000 here with me! I never thought building this thing would come in handy..." Matthew shrugged.

Matthew, Stefanie, Ian, Evelyn, Kenny and Wolf all stepped outside. Matthew led the way, with the Tracker slowly beeping as they walked along. "Wait...what if she is in the sky? Or she does one of her Sonic Rainbooms? How will we get to her then?" Ian asked. "I have my ways...I have a JET, remember?" The Doctor winked. "Why did Agent YMS not come with us?" Evelyn asked. "She is staying at headquarters in case any more news comes in." Wolf said. Just then, the Tracker beeped louder. "Are we closer to Dashie....AND Chase?" Stefanie asked. "I think we may be!" Matthew said.

"How does that thing track her anyways?" Ian asked. "It can detect rainbows from miles and miles away...and she is the only one around here who can make any kind of rainbows." Wolf said. The Tracker got louder and louder until it just stopped. "Dashie found! Dashie found!" it said. Everyone looked around. "I see no Dashie." :( Stefanie said. "OH NO!" Matthew yelled. "This is...this is NOT good..." he said. Everyone was stunned as they looked to the sky.

Part 7

"It's..." Ian started. "...a..." Stefanie continued. "...rainbow!" Evelyn finished. Everyone gasped as they looked to the sky and saw a rainbow! "Why is that NOT good?" Kenny asked. "Oh, erhm, sorry...I...I meant the tracker stopping. Sorry I thought the batteries ran out." Matthew blushed. "Ohh!" everyone said in unison.

"That means that Dashie is not far ahead! She must be up in that cloud!" Wolf said. "I'm on it!" Matthew said. He called Agent YMS on his Spy Watch, and the jet soon found them. They all climbed aboard and went to Equestria.

"H-help...HELP!!!!" they all heard someone scream as they stepped foot on the ground. "That MUST be Chase!" Stefanie said, worried. They all were lost. "We should find Dashie before finding Chase, don't you think?" Evelyn said. "Not exactly. We need to rescue Chase first I believe. He has never been here before, whereas Dashie knows her away around here." Wolf said. "Good point." Ian said. They all followed the yelling, until they found a little house at the edge of the road. 

Kenny banged on the door. "It won't open!" he said. Ian and Matthew used thier "guy powers" with Kenny to try to open it. It was no use. "What does she have on there!? A deadbolt LOCK!?!" Kenny started flipping. "We don't know yet Kenny, please calm down..." Evelyn said. Wolf had an idea. She walked over to the tree, and ripped off a piece of bark from the tree. She and Matthew started cutting pieces from the bark until it was very very sharp. They stabbed the door until it opened!

"Finally you guys got here!" Pinkie Pie said. Everyone was stunned when they saw what she had done to Chase...  

Part 8

She had him tied to a chair! "Guys! I am soo happy to see all of you!" he said. "Well...looks like every one came to see you...EXCEPT RAINBOW DASH!" Pinkie said. "See! I told you...I told she never lo-" Pinkie started...until she was whacked in the back of the head with a frying pan. It was none other than...RAINBOW DASH!! She did come! She was just waiting for everyone to get there so she had some back up!! 

"Chase! Oh Chase I am so happy I found you!" Dashie said. "I am too! I am glad to see all of you here!" Chase said, Dashie untied her love and gave him a big hug. Then everyone hugged Chase. Pinkie was out cold on the ground. Everyone left, and went back to The Agency in the Jet. Agent YMS was there to greet them all.

"Well guys,  looks like all of the training paid off! Congratulations! We have Chase back! You ALL learned to work together as a team to help out a friend!" Mihane said. "Yes, we did!" Stefanie said. "Aww! I am so proud of us!" Matthew said.

A week later, the wedding was held for Chase and Dashie. Stefanie, Evelyn, Mihane and Wolf were bridesmaids, and ian, Kenny and Matthew were groomsmen. Rebekah Boo was Matthew's date to the wedding. "I know pronounce you, husband and wife." Chase and Rainbow Dash were now happily married! As they kissed, Kenny kissed Evelyn, Ian kissed Stefanie, and Matthew and Rebekah shared a sweet kiss. Wolf and Mihane were all so proud! Everyone was so happy that everything was back to normal.

Everyone started clapping, and out of no where, Dr. Heniz Doofenshmirtz appeard. "I WILL DESTORY ANYONE...WHO CAN'T MAKE UP THIER MIND!" he said. He had a magic mirror, and showed that he had Perry The Platypus captured. "OK OK maybe that was a little over the top, but still, YOU'RE ALL TRAPPED!" Doof said. He took out a ray gun and zapped Stefanie. "She will be coming to my lair...NOW TRY TO GET HER!" Doof said. "NOOOOOO!" Ian yelled. Everyone gave each other the same glare. "Well, here we go again!" Dr. Matthew said. Everyone laughed and got into the jet to try to get to Doofenshmirtz. They were on another adventure yet to come.

THE END!!!!!!! :) "A chew toy!?" "It's NOT a chew toy!!" ~ I Am A Superstar!! : ) (talk) 07:55 PM, February 3, 2013 (UTC)

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