Explosions, concerts, MTV, the news, unnecessary boob shots on HBO, all this and more is availible on your TV set!

Television is the wonderful box in what I figure to be at least 9001% of American's living room! In fact, I'll show you a picture of one right now! In fact, no! I'll show you two!


My mamaw's old TV set that she had from the 1970's (It's a Zenith, THAT HAS A REMOTE!) up until like 2012.


This is the new LG flat screen she has, I don't like it as much, the big wooden cabinet looked nicer. I suppose the screen is better though.

With a TV set, you can watch millions of channel, none of which have anything entertaining on up until the magical time of prime-time (between 8 pm - 10 pm), when ALL of your favorite shows are on at once so you have to make a painful decision of which one to miss. Isn't technology great! Well shut up, jerk.

TV (modern TV at least) was invented by a guy named Philo Farnsworth, who I would put a picture of but Wikia screwed the editor up, so I don't know how anymore. JUST LOOK HIM UP. TVs used to have big glass screens that wouldn't break unless you took a hammer to them, but now if you even touch the screen of one the screen will crack. Oh technological evolution, you never let us down! I might add more later on, but now inspiration has left.

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