Unbroken is Demi Lovato's 3rd album. It was the first one released after her stay in the treatment center. To me, Demi just has this...look, a happy, healthy glow, after she got help for her issues. It's just SO good to see her healthy. And her music on Unbroken REALLY helped me out a lot in my 11th grade year. Skyscraper came out, and that song is so beautiful and has a great meaning. That song also saved a LOT of people's lives.

There are so many songs on it that just always speak to me. It helps me and decribes how I really feel at times. I even once had to present a project in the beginning of my 12th grade year, and I spoke the words of her song, "Lightweight," to the class of kids I just really hated. But hey, I had the strength to volunteer and go first! I was strong and tall like a Skyscraper! Anyways, the music on it is just really inspiring, and the pictures taken for the album are wonderful. Below will be the gallery of pictures. Thanks for reading. :)

#iamasuperstar (talk) 23:47, August 27, 2013 (UTC)


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