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Feel free to advertise your wiki here. It is absolutely legal.

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On the 1-year anniversary page, I stated our goal for the wiki's 2nd anniversary: 1,500 pages. If you join today, we'll be able to do it. 

Anything is allowed on the wiki, well most things.

Example pagesEdit


Hmong is a crazy language that looks like gibberish.

I don't know if anyone actually speaks it, but if they do, they are a Wacky doodle.

Example of HmongEdit

Here, the French toast article is translated into Hmong.

Fabkis toast yog ib tug zaub mov ntawm qhob cij uas koj soak nrog qe thiab ces ua noj nws.

Daim ntawv qhiaEdit

Thawj qhob cij slices yog soaked nrog ib tug sib tov ntawm cov qe thiab mis nyuj haus / cream. Lawv kib kom txog thaum uas xim av. Pom zoo los ntawm chefs siv yog ib-hnub qub qhob cij kom nws los ntawm ntog sib nrug.

Khoom daiEdit

Qhov siav slices feem ntau dai kom zoo nkauj nrog jam, marmalade, butter, txiv ntoo butter, zib mu, Marmite, Vegemite, hauv Maple syrup, Golden syrup, txiv hmab txiv ntoo syrup, molasses, Kua sauce, ci taum, whipped cream, txiv hmab txiv ntoo, chocolate, tsis muaj piam thaj, yogurt, hmoov qab zib, nqaij sawb, treacle, tshij, txias siav meats, dej khov cream, gravy, ntau yam neeg rau, los yog lwm yam uas zoo sib xws khoom dai.

Wow, zoo kev zooEdit


As you can seeEdit

Some of the words are still English. Toast, soak, slices, soaked, cream, marmalade, butter, Maple, syrup, golden, molasses, sauce, and whipped to name a few. This is because Hmong is still in beta. Cool.


Hmong in Hmong is Hmoob.

So come here today!Edit

You can create an episode of The Mario Show up to season infinity.

Everyone is welcome, and 50 edits equals adminship.

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