Waffle Boy's Mission (or simply Waffle Mission) is an upcoming non-violent first person shooter. It is planned to be realesed in 2013 or 2014.

Waffle Boy's Mission
Waffle Mission


E for Everyone

Date of Release:

TBA (Excepted 2013 or 2014)


Originally based on the Doom engine, the gameplay in Waffle Boy's Mission is through the eyes of the main character. The main character is obviously named Waffle Boy.


At his home planet, Waffle Homeworld. He went to the museum. They were talking about how their ally planet, Tsaotypsirc was invaded by Professor Burnt Toast and his minions. Waffle Boy decides to volunteer. He goes to Tsaotypsirc, and he sees butter and crumbs everywhere.

The OriginEdit


and Thus, the origin of Waffle Boy's Mission.

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