• the sign
  • The hotel we stayed in
  • Organizing the stuff in the van
  • the view from the top
  • the pool with some tables.
  • inside of the bathroom
  • Big Closet
  • bed number one
  • bed number two. the end is Jonathan, Middle my Aunt and last person Jessica
  • Big Tv
  • This is not a sofa its a pull out bed
  • the kitchen
  • this was found in the drawers
  • Me and my brother
  • Left side of me: Danny( brother) and my Cousin Jessica. Right side: Jonathan
  • MY mother and my cousin dancing
  • when it gets very dark out the pool lights change colors
  • the place where we road a bike before we left to PA
  • this is funny XDDD
  • the first O us jonathan, Second O is jessica, D is Danny and the last latter is me
  • just my mom
  • meeeeeeee
The slide show contains a lot of photos that i have taken or other people taken pictures. i didn't really take a lot of pictures since we stayed in the same area and place for three days. we went out a couples times to the beach, the pool and one time to see firworks. I got sunburn but it wasn't too bad just my shoulders hurt a bit then my back and chest. I have been putting on this gel we got from walgreens and it helps to keep my shoulders cooled down a bit. My Shoulders aren't bothering so much but other then that i got nice tan. 

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