Help, I'm being forced to write this against my will, my address is ONE-TWO-THREE HELP!!

But seriously folks. Today I'm here to write a page about a cute girl. Who I happen to be dating. This is also my second page in a row, go me. I deserve an award.

She is the successor of Rebekah, who I lost interest in months ago. OUR PERSONALITIES JUST MADE US SPLIT APART GOSH, STOP ASKING.

I knew her from school back when she used to go to the same school as me. Now she doesn't because reasons, but she wants to come back (I think?). We used to play on the playground since I met her in like, what, first grade? She was, admittedly, weird back then but she says so too so it's okay XD

Nowadays she's into vinyl records, vidja gaymes, retroness, POKEMON-WITTHAPOKEANDTHEMANWITHTHEGVTRFEBTEEICHOOSEYOUPIKACHUANDTHA... I wasn't into Pokemon back in the day so XD... I mean her nickname is Eevee, which as far as I can tell is a Pokemon character that looks like a brown raccoon with bunny ears.

She was involved in a car accident back in May 2015, so she has to have surgery to get a tooth removed from her nasal cavity. I'm sure she wanted me to tell you all that xD

Below is a picture of me, your charming presenter of the night, with her dancing with me stealing my limelight.

And this image has thrown off the preportions of the page, NICE GOING. UGH MAN THIS IS SCREWING EVERYTHING UP WHYYYYYYYY-- and in another picture where she is actually visible as being FREAKING ADORABLE OMG SHE LOOKS SO CUTE IN THIS AGHHHHHHBYB%JUNYHBTGRVFECVGGTEFCEWDB

Nice now the entire rendering of the page is screwed up. Nice going Wikia, you make a mighty fine page editor. I forgot how to edit this manually so I'll just leave it how it is...

Matthew doesn't know how to make pages about girls, PLAY ME OUT PAUL!

[musical interlude]

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